2 Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting in 2022 – Beginners Choice

Are you looking for a web hosting for your website?

You have come to the right place, this article will help you find the cheapest and the most reliable web hosting providers.

As a  beginner  its hard to afford most of the premium  plans or want to experience web designing article writing or for your small business etc.

So this article will definitely help you out because thes tow website are having variety of plans from low to high value. which as a beginner you will definitely love,

What was issue i faced as a beginner?

In the beginning some hosting provider keeps the low price for first year for only new users and then rise the price after that, which affects me in my budget because some of the time i wasted in figuring out the things how it works how to figure out and make the things right.

Because of which, i was unable to use the low price validity to its optimum.

here the price is cheap without any offer in both the websites just they are lock pocket recharge as we do for our mobile phone.


Before buying the best  one for you look at the pricing charts.

1. jixhost.com

As you can see jixhost.com has more variations in pricing and also features you can easily fing the best plan for you as a beginner .

because i know as a beginner to start the any thing you need an experience for whicgh you need to practice.

So here is the pricing comparison you can chhose the best and lowest one as peer your need. 

so why wasting large amount of money in practicing. after practicing at low amount you can move to other higher plans

2.a. bluehost.com

2.b. bluehost.in.

Yes here you can see it is providing different plans in .com and .in 



In both the website the main focus is for the beginners who don’t want to invest a large amount in beginning.

this prices are like phone recharge which we does monthly. so for practicing build an experience you can begin with a lowplabs then afterwards you can shift to higher plans


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