Best Direction to Sleep: Ancient vs Modern Science

Best Direction to Sleep: You guys would’ve probably heard a lot about how much sleep you should get or at what time you should sleep. The majority of you would also be familiar with setting the room in a way that encourages good sleep.

However, just the amount of sleep you get is not enough, the direction in which you’re sleeping and your body posture while you sleep also matters a great deal and it affects your body. Here comes the knowledge from ancient practices like Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra to help you find the perfect direction to sleep. These guiding principles tell a lot about body positions you should maintain while sleeping.


Why is it important to sleep incorrect body posture and in the right direction? 

Like many people, you might also have a comfortable sleeping position that you’re prone to. It might be comfortable but is it healthy? You may think, how much does it matter? So be assured that this matters a great deal. Your sleeping position affects a lot from your posture to even your breathing patterns. Body postures while sleeping can make a huge difference in the way you feel when you wake up. 

Obstructing sleep apnoea is one problem that is aggravated because of the wrong posture while sleeping. This happens because airways to your lungs might get obstructed while sleeping. The back or neck is a common problem experienced by many and the cause of it is wrong body postures. Some sleeping positions (like sleeping on your stomach) might put pressure on your nerves which might cause numbness and nerve pain. For a healthy posture, your head and spine must remain in a neutral position. 

Sleeping in the right direction is essential as it is believed, scientifically and by mythology, that it regulates adequate blood pressure and even improves memory and concentration. Sleeping in the wrong direction causes the headache many feel when they wake up. 

Now when we’ve established the problems let’s talk about solutions.

How and in which is best direction to sleep according to Vastu shastra and Feng shui?

Vastu Shastra is based on Indian architectural science while Feng shui is practiced in China since ancient times. Both of them focus on different practices but have similar principles. 

They believe in sourcing energy from all four directions and the five major elements of nature( air, fire, earth, space, and water).

So, here we’ve stated some practices you must consider following before you lie down to sleep:

1. Vastu Shastra

According to Vastu Shastra, the human head have a polar-like attraction that should be faced towards the south direction to sleep well. However, this lacks any clinical backing but people from experiences do believe that it benefits.

       It is also written in Vastu Shastra that if you sleep while your head pointing South, you will be prone to having high BP and if you’re sleeping while your head resting in the west direction, you can see significantly more nightmares.

2. Feng shui 

According to Feng shui ( an ancient Chinese practice) which focuses mainly on the flow of chi(energy), one should sleep while resting his head in the South direction. This is due to the warm winds coming from the south in China.

        The effectiveness of this is also questionable but some practitioners do advice, to keep your head away from windows or doors to fasten up the flow of chi in your body.

Let’s now look for some scientific studies and seek answers.

Best Direction to Sleep According to Modern Science?

In these modern times, people are getting busier every day and this stress-filled lifestyle has taken a toll on the health of many. People have irregular sleeping schedules and this problem of insomnia causes mental turmoil in their lives.

 Therefore, to maintain optimal health and proper well-being, a night of good and regular sleep is essential. A complete 8-hour sleep is recommended for a healthy lifestyle. Getting an adequate amount of sleep not only relaxes your body, gives you the rest you need but also prepares you for the next day. So to live your life to the fullest, you require proper sleep.

What are the Best Body Postures while Sleeping

1. Side-sleeping:-

Although not as good for people with arthritis, this is one of the most popular sleeping positions and it is good news that it is comparatively a healthier position to sleep in. 

2. Fetal position:- 

 It is a specific side sleeping with knees bent. This is a good sleeping position for maintaining blood circulation. It is recommended for pregnant women. 

3. Back position:- 

This position helps alleviate neck and head by keeping them in a neutral position while sleeping. This also decreases problems with acid reflux. However, this position can worsen the condition of apnea. 

What is the best direction to sleep in? 

According to Science and Vastu Shastra, sleeping with your head in the south direction and legs in the north is the best way to sleep. 

Sleeping with your head in the east direction is also a good way to sleep. However, the North direction is considered the worst direction to sleep in. 

Some tips for a better sleep.

For sound sleep try having your dinner at least 1 hour before you sleep. It is scientifically proven that when you eat and then quickly lie down, all your blood circulation starts going towards your stomach, not giving your body to heal itself as a result you feel dizzy and tired in the morning.

Keep all the electronic gadgets away from your room when you go to sleep.

Adjust your room temperature and lighting as it highly influences the way you sleep.

Key takeaways from the article

Eastern medicinal practices focus a lot on which direction you should sleep but scientifically it still needs some research. It might not be comfortable for many of you to change your sleep posture but giving it a try can help. If the problem persists even after changing your sleep posture and direction and following all the remedies given above, you might want to see a doctor and get checked.

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