April 25, 2021

Best Thin Lightweight Laptops to Buy in 2021

Best Thin Lightweight Laptops to Buy in 2021: Laptops are built for potability and lightweight is one of the crucial feature that comes under it. Technology is evolving constantly to deliver greater power in smaller form factors and this is the most evident in laptops. 

Although there are many Laptops in the market that you can choose when in comes to Thin Light weight Laptops it does not means that all are of high quality. you will find some laptops are built for their slim looks however they may have compromise their power and quality so that they can built a thinner laptop. Thus picking one will be a hectic job.

So, if you are looking for Best Thin Lightweight Laptops for you, we can help you with some of the best selected Thin Lightweight Laptops

This 14-inches Acer laptop has 8 GB RAM and with its high processing speed and commendable portability becomes a highly recommended product which fulfills the demands of busy workplaces and crowded online classrooms with smoothness.  The price ranging on the basis of basic features such as screen size and SSD size.

This 15.6-inches windows 10 laptop has 8 GB RAM +1TB HDD+256 GB SSD and has extended battery life and has all the lucrative features under an easily affordable price.

This LED display Windows 10 s mode has 4GB RAM with 1TB of OneDrive storage for one year 64GB eMMC, Celeron N4000 processor with webcam and WIFI , bluetooth having thin lightweight and stylish design looks good anywhere.

This 15.6 FHD display, Intel core i3-1005G1 processor with 4 GB  DDR4 RAM and 128GB PCIe SSD consisting of fingerprint reader and windows 10 home s mode this laptop is an entry- level laptop that delivers powerful performance and immersive visuals. tss NanoEdge display boasts of 178-degree viewing angle.

When laptop were invented

Laptops were first introduced in the market in 1982 enclosed in a magnesium case however it became famous and finally out sold desktop in the retail market for a full month in may 2005.At present the average price for a laptop ranges from Rs.45,000 to Rs.55,000  in Indian market. These laptops might not offer you everything and you may miss out on some luxury features.

When is the best time to buy laptop?

The prices of electrical appliances like laptops remains almost the same throughout the year except on some festivals like Deepawali and Christmas during which time there are several offers and discounts offered by the companies on account of the increased sales during the festival holidays. According to experts the best time to buy a laptop is at the end of school session or should I say during spring season. As most of the old ones are put on sale and there are high chances you might crack a great deal.

Now when you’ve decided to buy a laptop you must be aware of some pros and cons of buying one.

One of the most popular reason for high demand of this device is that it provides internet access from anywhere through wireless network. You can carry your laptop anywhere you go like in cafeteria, park or any other public place and can connect to WiFi and enjoy internet. Moreover, you can also connect to internet through your 3G or 4G sim by using a dongle.

When it comes to corporate world, laptops are the most valuable assets. You can prepare and  display a presentation anytime with your laptop by your side. They also work without internet but there are some limitations to it.

Like any other electronic devices laptops also possess some drawbacks. These devices are extremely sensitive and require careful handling from the user. Laptops are easier to damage , the reason being you carry them almost every where and there are high chances you might drop it, accidentally sit on it or it worst case scenario it might get stolen.

Now a very important point to consider is that laptops doesn’t really support installation of new operating system. With time you may need to change from your native operating system but this may affect it’s smooth function.

It is seen that many a times the built in battery pack in laptops break down which is completely understandable as these devices are not eternal. Also many user use laptops while them being connected to power supply which ultimately caused damage to the battery.

At present the expectations of users have also changed drastically. Earlier, the demand was for laptops with good battery life but now the consumers demand for laptops having stealth look and high performance RAM for gaming. The laptops at present are highly in demand due to the whole pandemic and work from home situation.  Employee who earlier used to work in there cubicles were provided with PC but now they are at home working. Also the education system have witnessed changes as the classrooms shifted to digital screens.

Let’s just quickly go through some tips to choose an ideal laptop for you.

  • Operating system
  • Screen size in inches & Display type :  6 is standard and for display pick IPS
  • RAM & ROM : anything above 4 GB is good for RAM with at least 512 GB storage

Frequently asked questions:-

1. what are the things to consider when buying laptop?

Battery life. RAM, storage(hard drive), processing speed among other things.

2. What to check before buying a new laptop?

Inquiring about the product before buying is of utmost importance, check the weight and ask about the processor of the product.

3. Can a laptop be bought on EMI?

A laptop can indeed be bought on EMI. With some credible amount of down payment, the product could easily be financed and the remaining amount could easily be paid in installments with certain interest applied.

4. Could my laptop be repaired after the warranty period?

Your laptop could be repaired after the warranty period. However. the amount of reparability would have to be paid by the customer as the warranty period as ended. Usually. A warranty period of 1 year is given to the product, which, after paying certain amount, could be extended to up to 4 years.

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