High CPC Keywords & ECPC: Thing You Must Know

If you’re are in digital marketing you must be probably heard of high CPC keywords. If youe are still confused on what are high PC Key words? From where will you get High CPC Key words? What are its benefits? What the High CPC Key words for Blog and Youtube ?

This blog covers such interesting topics which you must before  jumping to keyword research

If you’re still confused on the idea of how you can place an ad and see it flying in the market, then worry no more because just scroll down to get relevant information

The Pay Per Click ads are the biggest avenue generator for google.  Google Adwords is a auction-based, progressive market place where advertisers bid on keywords for top ad placement


What is high CPC keyword?

For better understanding of high CPC keyword , first let’s get to know more about what actually CPC AKA cost per click means. In a pay per click (PPC) marketing campaign the actual price you pay for each click is called CPC.

In simple terms, CPC is a measure which depends on maximum bid and quality score and determines how much you have to pay for your advertisement based on the attention it receives.

And High CPC Keywords are those words or phrases which have a higher cost per click meaning the advertisers will pay more if you’re using these keywords.

From a bloggers perspective your income depends on how much you’re getting paid by the advertisers. So greater the traffic quality, better is the revenue .

Now the question arises that how CPC is calculated?

CPC is decided by average of bids made over a period of time so an advertiser you must have his cost per click less or equal to his maximum bid. Which shows that your CPC is influenced by you as well as your closet competitor’s ad rank.

Formula to calculate CPC:

Competitor’s rank ÷ Quality score + .01 = your actual CPC.

In this way,  high CPC is something which determines whether your ad is performing well or not. This may vary from keyword to keyword and totally makes sense because some keywords brings way more traffic than others.

Now coming to the interesting part of high CPC.

Having a high CPC basically means that you’re outbidding all your competitors for the same keyword which leads to you getting prime location on the website. What it will do is that due to your advert being on the prime location on website , you’ll get a healthy CTR.

Benefits of high CPC keyword

Pay per click or PPC advertisement is known for being financially efficient but several people have stereotyped that having high CPC means the traffic will be less. The fact that traffic decreases is true but it’s doesn’t really affect the revenue. Here are some benefits of using High CPC keywords :

  • It increases the quality of traffic
  • Helps in increasing the page’s rank
  • Reduces click fraud
  • Increases the conversion

When it comes to blogging there are tons of options available but the most reliable one is Google AdSense . Having a advertiser’s base of 2 million and strong customer base ranging in billions it’s safe to say that if you use the right tools generating revenue wouldn’t be a problem.

From where and how to find high CPC keyword for Blog?

If you can’t afford paid tools for keywords research with high CPC in your niche then Google keyword planner is the only best platform where you can find high Cpc key word in your niche for 100% Free.

1. Google AdSense

The answer to where you can find high CPC keyword is Google. It’s where that data is coming from so why not use it as well to find those profitable keywords. For this you need to use Google Keyword Planner after creating an AdWord account.

  • Step one: Hop into the planner and enter Keywords according to your niche or You can also explore them if you’re beginning with your niche research. Make sure to specify your country and other demographics.
  • Step two: After you get the results showing you ad-impression share, suggested bids and monthly searches, select a keyword with high CPC and keep in mind that you’ve to go for low competition keywords to get traction

The list for ways to find keywords doesn’t ends here. Some other tools which you might want to use of for whatever reason you’re using Google Keyword Planner are:

2. SEMRush

SEMRuh has a decent collection of SEO tools and it is very practical to use for finding those profitable keyword or key phrases.  SEMRush offers two methods for this. One being the search for keyword of you choice and get high CPC keywords and the other is explained below:

Step one: log into SEMRush and fill all the details. Also enter the domain of your competitor and in very quick succession of time you will have all the valuable information.

Step two: To know the ranking select the number of keywords option. Know choose the highest number from there and that’s how you’ll get your high CPC.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs. Seamlessly provides you high paying Adsense keywords. To get high CPC keywords through Ahrefs you just need to follow these steps :

Step one: Sign in to Ahrefs and click on the “keyword explorer” option form the top bar and enter the keyword according to your niche.

Step two: after entering the keyword select more filters option and then click on CPC(cost per click) and set your minimum and maximum limit. That’s it. You’ll get the results based on your search.

There are some other tools also for finding those high CPC keywords but these I guess these three will pretty much do all the work for you.

High CPC keyword for YouTube

There is plethora of those profitable keywords that you can find for YouTube. Although the methods to find them for YouTube is similar to that for blogging. All you need to do is to focus on the autocomplete feature by YouTube and then use tools such as H-supertools, TubeBuddy and Ahrefs or SEMRush. and follow the same methods enlisted above. The only change You’ll need to make is to change the explorer platform.

High CPC keyword according to respected niche

Over the years the finance and industry related keywords have proved to be most expensive and here we’ve combined a list of high CPC keywords according to respected niche:

Finance and marketing

  • Geico insurance at  $83.24 CPC
  • Instant auto insurance at $69.72 CPC
  • Auto insurance quotes online at $63.75 CPC
  • Email marketing at $27.85 CPC
  • Internet marketing company at $22.05 CPC

And some popular keywords are:

  • Farmers insurance
  • Farm insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Logo designing
  • Advertisement
  • Marketing
  • Credit
  • Mortage


  • Donate
  • Treatment
  • Rehab
  • Cord blood


  • Degree
  • What is physical education at $0.82 CPC
  • What is secondary education at $3.37 CPC
  • Why is education important at $1.92 CPC


  • Pewdiepie
  • Asmr
  • Music
  • Markiplier

Social media and entertainment

  • Social media marketing.
  • Social media strategy
  • Social network
  • Social media apps.
  • Entertaining news
  • Sports
  • World wrestling entertainment 

Enhanced CPC bidding and it’s benefits

Enhanced CPC AKA ECPC is a bidding strategy which helps you maximize conversions by adjusting you CPC. It uses smart bidding strategy like Target ROAS combined with manual bidding to enhance your performance. What it actually does is that it raises the manual bids when the situation seems likely to lead to conversion or sale on the Website and in the same way low downs your bid when it’s less likely to get conversion. ECPC could also be tested along with a third party bidding system and gives you a set degree of smart bidding.

Let’s go through the functionality of ECPC bidding in detail.

In campaigns of search and display, ECPC is used to increase the conversion while maintaining your CPC(cost per click) similar to that what you get with manual bidding. In Shopping and Hotel campaigns, ECPC is used to increase the conversion while maintaining your overall spending.

How to use ECPC?

If you’re using  conversion tracking with ECPC it will help you look after the performance of the ads on your website. If you want to use ECPC for Shopping, search Hotel campaigns conversion tracking becomes essential. However, you don’t need ECPC for display campaigns.

Why you should prefer ECPC over other smart bidding strategies?

Every bidding strategy is designed to work for you to get more conversion value but ECPC takes a edge over others as it  partially automates  users manual bidding by making adjustments in the max CPC and doesn’t allow the user to set an explicit target.

Some key benefits of enhanced CPC bidding:

  • ECPC being a smart bidding strategy system still offers a sense of manual control.
  • Helps get more conversion than manual bidding


It is quite obvious that high CPC keywords lay the ground for the modern day online ad placements. To successfully display your ad through these websites, possessing key ideas and smartly putting keywords in your ads might prove to be an asset. This is the age of consumerism which provides a great scope for success in the marketing field. And therefore it is crucial to cleverly contrive ads that displays worthiness of and promotes your brand.

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