How to Deal With Difficult People in Office

“Hey man, you know what?” your best friend asks.

“What’s that?” you reply.

“You seem stressed lately and I want to help.”

“I appreciate it but there isn’t much I can do about it,” you say. “I just have a bad run at work, so I’ll try not to let my job bothers me.”

What he said only makes him more concerned. He wants to learn the reason behind your mood swings and frequent headaches. After trying some usual solutions like exercising and meditation, the two of you go for an out of the box idea: finding out how to deal with difficult people in office .  

               It sounds simple enough, yet many fall into an emotional trauma because of their workmates. It’s just unfortunate that personal problems, from conflicts to the lack of trust, affect your performance as an employee. This can lead to a lot more serious problems such as job loss and other complications in life. If you’re experiencing this right now, then here are some tips on how to deal with difficult people in office:

First off, figure out what makes them “difficult” . Most of the time it does not stem from a disorder or a mental condition. People who have conduct disorders, for one , cannot be handled easily by others especially those who possess patience issues.

Second, there is no need for alarm if you could not identify what might trigger their erratic behavior because it will be helpful for you to determine what kind of actions or words will make your work life easier.

Third, seek help from a licensed therapist if the issue is something that concerns your emotional and mental health.

               If it’s simply a matter of miscommunication then here are some suggestions that may be useful:

  1. Always take a deep breath before replying or speaking anything in anger
  2. Listen carefully and ask questions when they have said something so you’ll understand their views better
  3. Ask them politely but firmly on how to approach the situation in a way that prevents misunderstandings
  4. Avoid being judgmental because this will only add up to the problem
  5. Practice patience because trying to argue with them while you’re still angry is not a good idea
  6. Build rapport by offering to listen or talk with them
  7. Never raise your voice against the other because you might end up saying something that you don’t mean
  8. Lastly, resolve the issue before it gets out of hand

If it’s already too late and your emotional stability is in peril, try these steps:

  1. Be proactive by making action plans to avoid any future conflict
  2. Reflect on how much you’ve accomplished so far to prove yourself
  3. Keep an open mind when interacting with others
  4. Always remain positive
  5. Set boundaries for yourself because it will help keep off people who are just trying to exploit your kindness
  6. Remain calm at all times
  7. Seek help from friends, family, or any reliable resources that will help you cope up with the difficult situation.              

Most of all, never take out your anger on anyone else. The best solution is to express your feelings in a constructive manner so you won’t make things worse.

You can do this by telling them how their actions are affecting you and what should be done to prevent recurrence.

If they know that you’re just being nice but firm in everything that you say then they’re likely to change for the better. If not, then there’s no other choice but to avoid certain people because it’s just not worth the trouble when they have already displayed malicious tendencies .

No one likes being around negative people because personality clashes are too common in today’s society.

If you’re the only one who’s having a hard time dealing with your “favorite” coworker then you can always seek for advice from those who have dealt with similar issues.

Remember that there is no such thing as an impossible problem so there is nothing to be afraid of as long as you know what to do and how to go about it.              

Lastly, remember that conflict and problems at work are not something unusual . It happens on a daily basis on every single company in this world so it’s best to prepare yourself before starting on a new job so you’ll know how to manage potential problems when they arise.

Just be careful in preventing them from escalating into serious matters because once it does, there’ll be no turning back.

Problems in the workplace are common and unavoidable. Therefore, it’s important to be equipped with proper knowledge and skills so you’ll know how to deal with difficult people who will eventually cross your path.

Prioritize your work and your well-being so you won’t get exhausted working overtime or under pressure because one mistake can lead to a major incident at the workplace which you neither want nor deserve.            

Remember that no one is perfect, especially those who work with you. Thus, instead of finding something wrong about every word they say or action they do, think of ways on how to improve their personality by not criticizing them in front of others because this might make them lose face and even worse, become resentful .

The best way to deal with them is by being humble, respectful, and kind. You can’t expect to get the same thing in return if your actions tell a completely different story so be fair and just.              

To help you out further, here are some guidelines on how to properly deal with difficult people without causing too much conflict:

  1. Be patient with their job performance because it’s normal for them not to meet expectations at first
  2. Give constructive suggestions rather than reprimanding them because this will give them an idea of what they’re doing right or wrong
  3. Act professionally at all times even when the problem gets heated up
  4. Listen actively without being judgmental
  5. Never lose composure no matter how negative they become
  6. Set boundaries for yourself because it will help keep off people who are just trying to exploit your kindness
  7. Remain calm at all times
  8. Seek help from friends, family, or any reliable resources that will help you cope up with the difficult situation

Many people think that they can easily deal with difficult people in office, but in reality it’s not easy to control one’s temper especially if you have been hurt by someone before. To prevent this from happening again, be sure to maintain a positive attitude .

You should also take note of certain guidelines as listed below:

  1. Have a set of boundaries
  2. Don’t let other people tell you what to do
  3. Stay away from those who try to bring you down
  4. Show appreciation even for simple things
  5. Give people a chance to change their attitude before completely giving up on them
  6. Have faith in yourself
    Never let other people take advantage of your good nature
  7. Don’t over-analyze if you’ve already given enough chances
  8. Continue improving yourself
  9. Be a good example for others Remember that the most important thing is to stay positive even when difficult situations come along because this will help you become better and more productive as time passes by .

Don’t forget to be thankful for all the blessings bestowed upon you and remember, no matter how bad your situation might seem, everything always works out for the best.

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