Nomadic Lifestyle: An Unpredictable Journey (2021)

Nomadic lifestyle : Do you enjoy the thrill and unpredictable nature of traveling?

If you enjoy traveling around and discovering new places and don’t believe in settling then you’ll definitely enjoy this article.

Before diving onto an amazing roller coaster of getting to know more about nomadic lifestyle let’s just do a brief analysis of:


Who Is a nomad and what is a nomadic lifestyle?

A nomad is someone who doesn’t settle at one place and continuously moves from one place to another. The reasons to change places and not having fixed habitation (nomade) could vary but the common ones are In search of food, trading livestock of simply to find a living.

In general, nomads move to densely populated areas for exchange of services. As the name suggests they don’t usually build permanent residents, instead they live in tents that are compact and portable.  And this way of living is popularly known as Nomadic lifestyle.

History of nomadic lifestyle

Back in twentieth century there were communities which thrived on traveling and making a living but soon enough there population started to decline. Till the year 1995 it reached to an estimate of 30 to 40 millions only. These nomads used to hunt and gather seasonal wild plants which was pretty common those days as the majority of population followed this human subsistence method.

Now you must be wondering that what made these people travel from place to place?

Unlike the modern nomads who travel for the fun aspect of it in those day the reason behind following a nomad lifestyle was completely different.

Those were the days when many people adapted to infertile regions like steppe and tundra for living where mobility was the most efficient way to exploit scare resources. So, in order to avoid the depletion of pastures they were continuously in search of a new place where they can exchange Services like crafts and trades and move to more fertile lands.

Ancient and modern nomads

While the history is evident of the rise and fall of nomadic lifestyle, it’s in this modern era where people are back to being nomads. They travel from coast to coast and City to City and are successfully making a full-time living. Early nomads used travel to make a living while the modern ones do it for thrill and enjoyment.

It does sounds like a dream for anyone? Doesn’t it. But the reality is often different and no matter how thrilling this expression maybe it has its own difficulties.

Talking of some are some of the challenges that a nomad faces on his journey to explore the world. Following are some less glamorous things of nomadic lifestyle:

How does a nomad manages his finances?

Having just good intentions isn’t enough to start being a nomad or should we say a digital nomad. To be a traveler (location independent worker) you need to have organized finances as in the beginning the cost may be high.

Don’t worry we got you covered. Here are a few steps you might want to include in your budgeting.

Clearing all your debts and having good savings

Before saying “sayonara” to your old lifestyle and entering this adventurous nomadic life make sure to clear all your previous debts. Even if you have a very little outstanding money that you owe, then also you must take care of it because once to start to travel, the excess baggage must me left behind. If you own a house then try to rent it or hire a firm or management company who could take care of renting it and guarantee you rent regularly if you can’t find a tenant yourself. Bidding good-bye is also difficult but doing it makes you a true nomad.

Now comes the saving part of your financial advice. Having a cushion of savings is crucial if you’re considering to become a nomad. You are going to need all that money as you’ll drain a lot of this in the beginning of your journey to become a nomad until you learn to manage them .The best way to do this is to consult an accountant and work out exactly how much money you will need to travel to your very first destination and make a living there for more than two months without any other source of income and then add a 50% as a buffer to it. Now when you have that much money in your bank you’re ready to go.

Keeping a check on your expenses

Knowing your limits is very important if you want to continue being a digital nomad. Just set a limit for minimum amount of money you always want to have in your account in case things go wrong. If the savings drop from that just pull the emergency mode on and fly back home where you can fund yourself while being in a normal life so ultimately you can slot back to nomadic lifestyle.

Ideal Jobs for modern nomadic people?

The job description to lead a nomadic lifestyle requires skills that can be accessed from all over the world. Something like internet. In whatever way you choose to get paid, you’ll definitely need a safe and secure system to manage your money overseas. So make sure you have an account that you can access over internet.

Some of the most common jobs among nomads are listed below:

  • Web designing and developing
  • Social media marketing and public relation manager
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Customer care representative

And many more freelancing jobs.

A common myth among people is that nomadic lifestyle is a high profile lifestyle which requires a lot of money. Which is completely wrong as many nomads barely spend money on luxurious items and still manage to enjoy it.

What are some Nomadic groups in India?

  1. Kanjar Community

The Kanjari community is a nomadic community that resides throughout Northern India and Pakistan. Their name originates from the Sanskrit word, kanana- chara which means wanderer of the jungle. The language of people of this community ranges according to their location. Some languages spoken by the community are Hindi, Bhojpuri,  Urdu, Punjabi and Kanjari. The people in this community belong to Hinduism, Sikhism or Islam.  This community is divided into four clan, which are The Called, Superala, Diyal and Racchband. A fifth group, Patharkat is currently a distinct subgroup which no longer allows intermarriage with other ‘Kanjaris’. The community is historically associated with prostitution. The community has always been welcoming towards new recruits. Those who have been part of the community for generations are called DeradarsDeradars and they often look down on new recruits.

2. Abdal Community

The Abdal (Shekh Hashmi) community is a Muslim, semi-nomadic community that mainly resides throughout the North India as well as Gujarat. The community has an entire population of over 58,000 people. They are also found in Nepal. The world Abdal is the plural form of the Arabic word Abdul, which means follower or slave of God. They are originally a sub- group of Arab old shekh community. The people of this community are traditionally associated with begging at the shrines of Sufi saints. At present, they sing and beat drumes at Muslim shrines. They speak Urdu, maithali, Gujarati and Bengali based on their location.

Nomadic lifestyle in USA

The nomadic lifestyle in USA is much more diverse then people think. If you’re willing to live a nomadic lifestyle in USA it will be in your best interest if join already existing nomadic groups for support.

Largely these groups are divided into three sections:

  • Mobile Home nomads: carrying your home to every where you go is the entire behind this form of lifestyle.
  • Digital nomad: a digital nomad is someone who does freelance work online for living and makes use of public transport for transportation.
  • Van life: cottage on wheels is what defines van life perfectly.

What is van life?

Van life AKA Vandwelling comes from combining two words “van” and “dwelling” meaning a life style in which one spends his full or a part of his  time living in a vehicle. As the name suggests people who live in a vehicle or typically a modified van that has basic commodities like power supply from Solar Panels or batteries, a bed or a platform to sleep on, toilet and some sort of cooking space.

Nomadic lifestyle in Europe

The sheer beauty of Europe is what attracts people from all around the globe. Digital nomads are one of these people travel to Europe and live a nomadic lifestyle. Here we’ve given a list of best places to lead a nomadic lifestyle in Europe:

  • Southern Italy
  • Southern France
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria

Nomadic lifestyle in Uk

Tired and exhausted from disrupted summer? UK is the perfect place to be a digital nomad and enjoy the weather. Some places you might want to visit after taking up nomadic lifestyle:

  • Cumbria
  • Cornwall
  • Lincolnshire Scotland
  • Gloucestershire

Let’s just quickly summarize the article into following pros and cons:


  • You can visit to new places and explore new people, ideas and enjoy sights.
  • You become more structured and mannered and bring materialistic things according to your requirements.
  • Without having to spend on these materialistic things, you get more time to invest in yourself and on things that add value to your life
  • You get learn more and more about every aspect of life on your journey.
  • You become more inclusive of people and their ideas.


  • You are less likely to meet your family and friends as more often than not you’ll be traveling.
  • The social support also decreases and if something goes wrong you’re left alone on your own.
  • You might face a lot of bureaucratic problems.
  • Also being a nomad brings Uncertainty in your life and savings for future might become a difficult task for you.

A peek into the life of a Nomad:-

Jacob Tyler, a 29 year old man from New-Zealand expresses his joy and contentment at being a Nomad for more than 6 years. Having travelled through many countries and having looked down at the land from great heights of mountains, Jacob’s satisfaction from this nomadic life is invigorating. He admits that normalcy is a novelty for him and that he has not lived in a place for longer than a couple of months. He enjoys living and breathing out in the open world. He enjoys a life of freedom, free from the worries and stress of the normal routined life that the rest of the world leads. Jacob’s life is a life of adventure and risk and provides a great deal of inspiration to those who long to live their dreams.


How do you make money being a nomad?

Being a nomad and making money is not easy but if have the right skills you still thrive and enjoy your life while covering all your expenses. Freelancing jobs are the best options available. Jobs like photography, web designing and graphic designing and also teaching pay a good sum of money.

Which type of people usually choose to live nomadic lifestyle?

People who cherish the joy of traveling and exploring are one’s who choose to become nomads.

What is the condition of Nomadic people in India?

While the voices of minorities in India are being heard, the nomadic people are constantly been marginalized and segregated from mainstream society. Apart from just not being heard and their issues not being solved, because of not having proper identities they’re being refrained from getting healthcare facilities and other citizen privileges.

 What is the population of Nomadic Tribes in India?

There are a total of 315 Nomadic Tribes in India which consists a total  of 60 million people.

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